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GoPoland!: Internet Access in Poland

 Surf for free!
While telecommunications are still run by a state-designated company, the people at Polish Telecom sometimes come up with a good idea. One of them is to offer free internet access throughout Poland (we understand it is one of a handful of countries in the world to do so). To take advantage of this rare opportunity, you simply dial 0202122 anywhere in Poland and soon you will be cruising the net without the trouble of setting up a local account. Is there a catch? Not really, but keep in mind that local phone calls (as compared to US) are expensive. You pay about 4zl per hour and 2 to 3 times that if dialing from your hotel.

 Email and Latte
cybercafe You probably don't want to sit in your hotel room, but instead sip a tasty capuccino while checking email from back home. You are in luck here, since most major cities now have one or two cybercafes where you can sip and surf. On average they will charge you 5-7zl per hour for net access. In some you may have to wait or sign up early (especially Warsaw & Krakow), but avoid the evening crowd and you should have no problem. Check out the list on the right (in Warsaw we recommend Casablanca, while U Luisa is our pick for Krakow).

- Casablanca
- PDI CyberCafe

- U Luisa
- Internet Cafe Looz
- InterCafe Virtual World
- Internet Cafe
- Kompit

- CyberCafe

- Doors

- Babylon

- BoTar

- Internet Cafe

- Guner's Pub

Ostrow Wielkopolski
- Cafe Mediana

- IDC Cafe

- InterCafe

- Dziupla

- Konrad
- Demo

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