Practical Stuff

Simply Ask! We travel to see something new, or in many cases, something old. No matter what the reasons behind a trip, a journey is always smoother when armed with a bit of advance knowledge. For instance, it always helps to know what the weather is like. That settled, your first hurdle will be the border: do I need a visa, do I need shots, does my dog need shots, and what can I bring with me? After you’re safely inside, you’ll need some local money to pay for the transportation into the city.

Once there, you might want to make a phone callcheck your email, even mail a postcard back home before you start having so much fun that you forget to.

And in case your fun gets out of hand, you can get some medical attention or contact your embassy for help. While waiting for some, you can catch up on the news by reading a few locally-produced English-language publications.

While in Poland, be sure to learn more about how Poles live, eat, drink, shop, and speak. If their current behavior fascinates you, find out more about their past. Above all, enjoy yourself in one of the more hospitable and still relatively safe countries in the world.