Weather in Poland

Climate and Temperature

From May until October, Poland enjoys beautiful weather. Sandwiched between a continental influence from the east and a maritime influence from the west, Poland’s weather can vary wildly, even within the same 24 hours. It experiences an average of 30-60 degrees F or 0-16 degrees C in the springtimesummerwhich begins in March with blustery winds, rains, and the like but ends with balmy warmth that signals the beginning of summer. Come May, temperatures rise to 70 degrees F or 18 degrees C and remain elevated throughout the summer. A Polish summer never gets too hot, even in July, and is often cooled with rains. Given the highly variable climate here, it is a good idea to bring along a pocket umbrella; a sunny morning can quickly turn into a rainy afternoon.

Summer segues into the “Golden Autumn” in September, when temperatures fall into the 60’s F or upper teens C, and the weather remains pleasant up until November. It is only then that cold, fog, and at times snow set in, complemented by the suddenly shorter days. From then on into March, Poland can get quite cold (below 0 temperatures, on either scale), and the snow which accumulates in the mountain regions makes for excellent skiing.