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St. Andrew's Church
Guarding the entrance to the church, the sculptured 12 apostles gaze down at passers-by in an almost life-like manner. The church itself apparently protected, successfully, locals fighting against invading hordes of Tartars in the 13th century.
Church of the Holy Cross
One of the finer and more interesting examples of a Gothic Church, be certain to catch a mass and enjoy the unique interior (open only during services).
Mariacki Church
Another Gothic structure you cannot miss, the original dates back to 1222 but this version replaced it in 1355 (due to Tatar invasion-induced damage). Its dissimilar towers also share different ages; the younger and taller of the two houses a trumpeter who marks each hour with a truncated trumpet call. Said call owes its brevity to legend: during yet another Tatar invasion, the trumpeter attempted to raise the alarm and earned an arrow through his throat for his trouble.
I heard the trumpeter
And so famous is that tradition that an entrepreneurial capitalist offers you the proof on paper that you've heard it: get your own bona-fide certificate that you can show to the world.
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