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Wawel Castle
Wawel Cathedral
With fragments of its 11th century origins still tucked away here or there, this Cathedral comes loaded with history. Note the bone collection when you enter: these bits are credited to the dragon Krak and hold all responsibility for the cathedral's existence. If the bones go, so does the cathedral.
The Zygmunt Chapel
Since the majority of Poland's rulers are encrypted in the Wawel Cathedral, they politely made way for one another by building their own side chapels. Zygmunt's gleams gold because its pollution-damaged cap was recently replaced. The remaining chapels tell the long architectural story of Poland - rarely is so much gathered into one site of worship.
Ground plan of Wawel Castle
To give you some sense of the size of the castle, check this usefully-marked map out.
Wawel Castle Courtyard
This Italian-designed courtyard reflects a twist of the architect Berrecci's imagination. The first two stories offer the standard look, but the third extends upward without including the expected entablature, leaving a sense of openness or absence.
Bounce around Wawel
And they've now added something for the kids.
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