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Lublin Castle
Lublin  Castle
The imposing steps lead up to the imposing sight of this impressive castle. The hill itself hosted diverse settlements over the centuries, but the Castle is only a century or so old.
Round Tower and Holy Trinity Church
Within the castle walls discover the old bits: an old prison for Poland's misbehaving upper classes, and the castle chapel with its richly decorated interior. Round Tower and Holy Trinity Church
Town Hall
Mosey on down from the castle and into the Old Town with its still-cobbled paths wandering through the dignified, yet dilapidated buildings of the past.
The Trinitarian 
For an excellent birds-eye view of Lublin, climb the belfry built by the Jesuit-replacing Trinitarians: the rooster atop will crow (according to legend) when a virgin walks by. Trinitarian Tower
Krakowska Gate
Krakowska  Gate
A mish-mash of architectural styles lends this symbol of old Lublin a charm of its own: initially built in the 14th century, it was added to, and added to, and added to over the ensuing years.
Grodzka  Gate
Take another gate to lead you back to the castle: rebuilt in the 18th century, the present form of the Grodzka Gate replaced a wooden bridge joining the Old Town with the castle. Grodzka Gate
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