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The National Museum
Al. Marcinkowskiego 9, tel. 852 80 11

Housed in a neoclassical design of Karl Hinckeldeyn, the National Museum exhibits both paintings and sculpture, but from within and without Poland. The paintings cover a number of periods, from historical and symbolic Polish renderings, the Enlightenment, Romanticism, realism and finally modern works. Of special note are the works of the Spanish painter Zurbaran.

Ethnographic Museum of Wielkopolska
ul. Grobla 25, tel. 852 30 06

Housed in an old Masonic Lodge, this museum exhibits the usual paintings and sculpture accompanied by clothing, ceremonial insignia and musical instruments from the 19-20th centuries.

Poznan History Museum
Stary Rynek 1, tel. 852 80 11, 852 56 13

This museum covers a lot of history: from the beginning of Poznan in the 10th century to the present 20th.

Museum of Musical Instruments
Stary Rynek 45, tel. 852 08 57

Visit this unique offering, and in particular the violins of Polish and Italian design. Other instruments on display are wood, brass, assorted string, and novelties from around the world.

Museum of Applied Art
1 Gora Przemyslawa, tel. 852 20 35

A branch of the National Museum, this one focuses on craftwork from medieval times to the present: textiles from around the world, ceramics, goldsmithery, and furniture.

The Wielkopolska Military Museum
Stary Rynek 9, tel. 852 67 39

Archaeological Museum
Gorkow Palace
ul. Wodna 27, tel. 852 82 51

Museum of Antique Vehicles
Poznan Przezierowo Racetrack
ul. Rynkowa 100, tel. 814 35 05

Pharmacy Museum
Stary Rynek 41

Museum of Wielkopolska Struggle for Independence
Stary Rynek 3, tel. 852 94 64

Museum of Wielkopolska Martyrology in Fort VII
ul. Polska, tel. 848 31 38

Museum of Folk Art
ul. Mieszka I 15, tel. 852 67 97 Apartment-Kazimiera Illakowiczonwna's Workshop
ul. Gajowa 4 apt. 8, tel. 847 36 45

Henryk Sienkiewicz Literary Museum
Stary Rynek 84, tel. 852 24 96

Ignacy Kraszweski Workshop and Museum
ul. Wroniecka 14, tel. 852 93 08

Poznan Liberation Museum
The Citadel
A. Armii Poznan, tel. 820 45 03

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