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The Royal Castle
Begin your trip, as the royals did so long ago, at the Royal Castle which as a phoenix from ashes now stands again after being completely leveled in WWII.
Old Town Square
Like the Royal Castle, the Old Town Square was also reconstructed after the war. Its 17th and 18th century architecture sets the tone for a lovely day spent in the myriad cafes, restaurants, wine-vaults and shops within the Square.
The Barbican
Venturing north of the Old Town Square, you'll come upon the 16th century Barbican which today peacefully hosts artists and musicians.
Hotel Bristol
Heading back south past the Royal Castle, you'll come upon another of the reconstructed architectural splendours of Warsaw: the Hotel Bristol.


Continuing south, Krakowskie Przedmiescie gives way to one of the most beautiful streets in Warsaw: Nowy Swiat. Its traditional role as a north to south route continues today as Varsovians and visitors alike enjoy its many shops and restaurants.
The Belweder
Nowy Swiat conveyed travellers south to the palaces of kings and presidents. The Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, resided in the Belweder (1918-22) named for its excellent view of the river Vistula. Now, the President of Poland resides here.

Your southern journey will end at Wilanow. This palace was enlarged and improved by King Jan III Sobieski - the famous leader who triumphed against the Turks in Vienna.

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