The picturesquely seated Zakopane is an excellent place to visit any time of the year: history has it that visitors have enjoyed its beauty for over 100 years. Now drawing millions of tourists to its many hotels and restaurants, Zakopane also offers the usual round of museums and galleries which display to excellent effect the unique artistic style of this region. If you hanker for some authentic folk music, don’t miss the annual festival, or the many churches that display the local architectural style. After a day of seeing the sights, or killing yourself on a killer hike, relax in a pub, cafe or nightclub.


ChapelWhat was once a source of barley, oats, and cabbage is now a source of amusement. Zakopane shows up in the history books around the 17th century when it fed surrounding regions its agricultural supplies. Moving on from an above-ground economy, the area eventually established an ironworks and began seeking out local metals. But not many spent their summers here until there was a place to spend their Sundays: Zakopane constructed its first chapel in 1800, and the first church almost 50 years later.

TatrasFrom a trickle developed a deluge. As always, one individual can draw others; a famous Warsaw doctor was followed here by his artist friends, and the town began to develop as a resort. Other well-educated, artistic types moved in, and the area started to evolve its own style. A newly built rail line facilitated these moves, and by the turn of the century Zakopane was a well-established retreat. It has more or less kept its reputation up since, adding new hotels, theaters, museums, sports, and musical events until nearly a million people stop by annually.


over the
Probably the best — and most daring — way to view the Tatry Mountains: undoubtedly one of Zakopane’s best sights.
 Jesus Christ
with Magdalene
An equally Zakopanian sight, Antoni Rzasa’s sculpture exemplifies the subtle talents of wooden carving.
Reach back into the past and listen to the sounds of years ago when the Gorale play.
 Tytus  Chalubinski
Pay homage to the man responsible for bringing the masses to Zakopane.
Being such a small village, Zakopane cannot contain all the beauty there is to see in this region, so wander out of town for a day or two to enjoy what the surroundings offer.
Yet another fine example of the many good uses wood is put to in the Highlands.