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Town Square
Town Square
100 meters by 100 meters, the Town Square of Zamosc is ringed with the recently renovated buildings of its 400 year-old past...
Town Hall
...and squared off by the towering beauty of its Town Hall. Town Hall
Armenian Merchant Houses
Armenian Merchant Houses
Along one side of the Town Square sit the former glories of Zamosc prosperous past: the orient is evoked by the facades of these Armenian merchants mansions.
Collegiate Cathedral
For more of the Italian feel of Zamosc, this Cathedral stretches to the sky with a bell tower and bell over 300 years old. The town's founder, Jan Zamoyski, is interred here. Collegiate Cathedral
Old Synagogue
The Old Synagogue
Zamosc was home to a large, thriving Jewish population, and remnants of it are scattered about the former Jewish quarter, including this renovated Synagogue.
The Rotunda
A former arsenal co-opted by the Nazis as a killing ground: more than 8000 residents of Zamosc were executed here during WWII. Rotunda
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